Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Through the Eyes of an Innocent by Hell.R.

My heart beats erratically as I pull the covers up higher until they touch my chin; my eyes were wide open as I stared towards my ceiling. Granted I couldn’t see anything through the darkness but I didn’t care, I needed to stay awake.

There’s something in the corner of my room and the second I close my eyes it’ll get closer and spring on me I just know it, I’m not stupid I know what happens in stories. The minute someone’s back is turned the thing attacks, the only advantage I had at this stage of the game was that it couldn’t attack when my back was turned because I was led down.

Yeah…I’m winning this round.

I could deal with no sleep for one night, its 2am now meaning there’s only about three more hours before the sun will start to rise and the thing in the corner will disappear. Sleep is over rated anyway.

A content smile crosses my lips before a jolt of realisation shot through me, the thing in the corner doesn’t attack unless my eyes are closed…but what about the thing at the end of my bed?

My eyes slowly lowered towards the end of my bed where a large shadow loomed over me, perfectly still but terrifyingly threatening. My blood ran cold and I found myself frozen in fear, I’ll be ok as long as I don’t move.

No sleep and no moving that’s easy.

But wait! What if I needed to use the bathroom?!

The thing under my bed was sure to reach out and grab me the minute I set my feet on the carpeted floor, it would drag me under and I’d become a slave to the bed goblins and ghouls. Dragged into their world to be tortured and then sold off as a slave, forced to work until my skin melts off.

A soft whimper escaped me as I shivered at the thought of Goblin Hell.

Wait…the thing at the end of the bed…did it just move? Did that one little shiver catch its attention?

Or did the thing in the closet tip it off?

The thing in the closet is the worse of them all, parents tell their children bogeymen live in the closet but I know better. The thing in the closet is no bogeyman but something far worse, more ferocious and blood thirsty.

I’ve seen it move around in there, knocking my things over whilst pacing back and forth. It’s waiting for me to go and investigate the noise before throwing the doors open and pulling me into the unknown.

There’s no protection from these things, even in the day they hide in the shadows but because they can’t go into sunlight they are stuck there until nightfall.

My mum tells me there’s nothing to be scared of but what does she know? Has she seen the things I have?

I know things are out there to get me, the darkness can hide many things and they all want to get me.

My eyes start to feel heavy and I couldn’t stop them from slowly sliding shut, the thing in the corner was sure to get me now but I couldn’t help myself, I was so tired.

Oh well maybe I’ll have more luck tomorrow night

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