Monday, 11 April 2016

Tek Tek by Hell.R.

She was beautiful, undeniably beautiful.

Her hair cascaded down her back as her eyes sparkled with a smile with unexplained joy as she looked at me, she was like a siren. Calling me in with her smile.

Something about her had me rooted to the spot, unable to move despite my will to continue home and rest for the night. It wasn’t like I had the urge to investigate this mysterious beauty further I just genuinely could move no further, like my legs were frozen solid.

A strange feeling began crawling through me, a feeling of unease. The hair on the back of my neck prickled and my blood ran cold as I saw her move, an unexplained feeling.
This woman had never done anything to me in the past in fact I had never met her before, so why did a single movement from her make me shudder?

I glanced around in hope of finding something else that would peak my interest, anything that could take my mind off the mystery woman and perhaps let me move again. Sadly there was nothing apart from buildings that were hidden behind rows of trees.

When I looked back towards the wall where the woman was leaning I was surprised to find that she was gone but that I still couldn’t move and the feeling of dread was still rushing over me. My hands were shaking and my stomach was full of butterflies.

A movement across the floor caught my attention, making me jump in shock. Considering its size I didn’t know how I had managed to over look the figure crawling across the floor, part of me wished I hadn’t noticed it just now.

My heart instantly faltered with a few beats and the lump got bigger causing my breath to catch in my chest, my shivering turned into full blown shakes as I surveyed the figure on the floor.

It was the woman, she was skeletally thin and her skin was deathly grey, her lips had turned blue whilst her once blonde hair had become more of a grey colour, matted with dirt and blood. There was no denying that she looked a lot healthier and…alive…when she was leaning against the wall a few feet away.

My eyes slowly scanned down her body which was led out on the concrete, nausea hit me in a second and I felt the colour drain from my face as I saw the trail of blood where her legs should be.

How was this woman still moving?

Her dead eyes looked up at me as she slowly reached out to me, her cold lips parting slowly and strange strangled noises left her throat.

My own throat went dry as I stared into her eyes and my body continued to betray my mind which was still crying out
for me to move, run away and not to look back.

It started screaming for me to move as I watched her reach down to where her legs should have been and pulled out a scythe that was covered in dried blood, where that had come from I couldn’t tell and it was the last thing I was capable of thinking about right now.

With the fear of death looming upon me my mind went blank; no life flashed before my eyes, no last wishes for friends and family….just fear.

She was going to make me like her, take my legs and let me bleed to death where I stood and it all started with a simple look her way.

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