Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Horrorcon 2016!

What a way to wake up!

So, for those folks who may not know, here in the UK we have a large supermarket called Sainsbury's who have their own points system including a plastic card. This system is called Nectar, and you can link it all with all kinds of places from cinema tickets to Ebay purchases.
Anyway, recently they've been holding this promotion called #makesmeMe, where you send in a short paragraph and/or photo of what makes you unique and they eventually picked out people to give things to.
Apparently I was one of those people!
My horror story writing and Dismembears were apparently enough to win me something.
They contacted me mid last week to inform me that I would be receiving a 'surprise'.
I was expecting it to be a little gift card or something, a small but welcome sum all the same, my parents joked that it'd be a certificate of participation.
I woke up this morning, a beautiful Wednesday morning...or afternoonish....and found out it had arrived, my surprise!
Honestly when I saw the large A4 envelope and I had a laugh thinking maybe my parents were right, but I eagerly tore it open and pulled out the sheet of read that they are sending me tickets to the 2016 Horror con!
I've never been before, it's bit of a distance away honestly, but it's amazing!
I'm so excited!!!

Oh review will be up later once I've calmed down, but I may do something a little different with it today!

An honourable mention goes out to a Dismembear:

Thanks for helping with my uniqueness guys!

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