Saturday, 1 October 2016


I know I have no followers and such, but I still figure I'd apologise for being so inactive!
I need to kick my butt back into gear and get myself sorted before Christmas comes around, I've just had a few more plans than normal lately.
But I will eventually get back to reviewing and being sarcastic.
All in due time.
My humble apologies!


Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Hell Reviews - Supernatural: Fresh Meat

Synopsis: A rash of strange deaths in the Tahoe National Forest bring Sam, Dean and Bobby to the Sierra Nevada mountains to hunt a monster with a taste for human flesh. Soon walking corpses, bodies with missing organs, and attacks by a mysterious flying creature lead the trio to a cunning and deadly foe which can assume a human form and will do anything to survive.

Woo! I bought the latest Supernatural book, Mythmaker, today! I still haven't started reading Cold Fire yet, but it's up there on my list to do and once I've read that and Mythmaker I will be reviewing them, but for now on with the show!

Wow...kudos to Alice Henderson.
This is the third book in a row that has proven to be bloody great.
I zoomed through this book like there was no tomorrow and it got me really pumped to read the next in the series (too bad it wasn't out at the time).

Once again the brothers were pretty much on point and all the interactions between them and the other characters were as you'd expect in the show.
I can't find much to fault in this on honestly, Sam and Dean seemed to share about as much story time as one another, even when they were split up and that was honestly a pleasant change considering some of the novels previous to this one.

The case is very reminiscent of the wendigo case from season one and I, personally, thought it was a riot and a total game changer.
There were instances where you thought something was happening and it took a different turn.
Each chapter was filled with enough information to keep you fascinated in the case and mythology, without becoming too much and bogging you down with more notes than action and that is an important balance to get in a Supernatural novel.
Each segment didn't drag on when Sam and Dean were briefly split up and that was such a pleasant change of pace that it felt almost refreshing in a way.

I know this isn't a long review but there isn't much to say when I don't have anything to complain about.
Alice did a fantastic job with this novel and I, for one, hope that she is the author of a future novel in this particular series.

Monday, 25 July 2016

Hell Reviews - A Whole Abundance of Movies in the Order she Vaguely Remembers Them

Sorry it's been a while since I uploaded, just been in bit of a creative frenzy with trying to get some stories out.
But last week I watched a load of movies over the weekend, which is already unlike me...I'm not exactly known to be a cinephile or whatever they're called.
But between the 21st of July to now I have watched a whole series of them, some well known and some not. Some with amazing directors and some made on a shoe string budget.
Most of these will just be my initial reactions, nothing too extensive and unlike my other reviews I won't include the movie posters and the synopsis of each one, but hey...some little pictures added in here and there.
Let's take a look shall we!

Deadpool - Was pretty damn sweet, I can see why it got the reviews it did. Great humour, as expected with the likes of Ryan Reynolds, great action and just all over wicked.

Would I recommend it?

Rating: 8.5/10

Prey - A cheap B-movie about another bunch of teenagers who don't listen to warnings whilst on holiday (or vacation to some) and end up getting munched by El Chupacabra. It's pretty much what you'd expect, you want nearly all of them dead and the creature looks more like something that crawled out of The Decent's cave and got lost, but it's decent for a short bit of entertainment.

Would Hell recommend it?
Sure, if you grab some friends and have a good laugh, just don't expect much from logic.

Rating: 5.5/10 - I guess...

We Are What We Are - It's alright, bit a slow burning film, which can be great if done correctly. However it's predictable as all sin and I have seen films about this subject done in manners just as deep but also more interesting.

Would I recommend it?
I'm a bit iffy on that, I think if you liked things like Only Lovers  Left Alive and The Witch or even The Village, then I think you'd get some intrigue from it, just don't expect to leave the experience feeling anymore elated or wise.

Rating: 6.5/10

Everest - A wonderful telling of a true story. It's a great story to be told and is fantastically filmed, the scenery is breath taking, the action is suspenseful and the acting is awesome. The whole thing pulls on your heartstrings.

Would I recommend it?
If you enjoy documentary style films then yes, without a doubt I'd say this is one to check out.

Rating: 7.5/10

The Walk - The film that I keep calling Walk the Line...which I know is a completely different film, but it makes sense! I personally really enjoyed this film, it's joint top place with another that I will be mentioning soon. Like Everest it's a documentary film, this one about the man who freakin' tight rope walked between the Twin Towers. I thought it was wicked and humorous but I an also understand why some people walked out of the cinema screening, especially if seeing it in plays with vertigo really well.

Would I recommend it?
You bet! I thought it was a good little time passer.

Rating: A high 8.5 to maybe a 9/10

Axe Giant - A killer Paul Bunyan story. Do I really need to say much more? The effects were pretty laughable, but it was a B-movie so I couldn't even expect much to it. There's nothing worth mentioning, it was all just...kind of hideous, but well done on the effort?

Would I recommend it?
Not unless you want a laugh and drinking game with friends. Don't watch it alone.

Rating: Barely a 4/10

The Body - Bugger me...the girls in this movie were irritating, inane and dumb. It barely runs for about 75 minutes and I already wanted to rip my hair out, it was fairly predictable what was going to happen and it does play out how you'd expect it to but if you enjoy little home invasion style films then it's alright. Just don't expect any logical choices, half the time you'll be like the picture under the rating before merely sighing and resigning to it.

Would I recommend it?
As stated up there, if you enjoy the type of story this film offers go for it, but it is easily passible.

Rating: 5/10

Crimson Peak - Holy crap...I really enjoyed this film, but it's right down my alley. Ghosts? Yes.
Large moths? Yep. Spooky looking but gorgeously large and isolated house? Mmhmm. Tom Hiddleston playing a charming British man with a brief glance as his bare, gorgeous behind? You bet! Honestly, despite me not liking Pan's Labyrinth in itself, I can still appreciate the visuals that Guillermo del Toro can create and boy does he deliver once again in Crimson Peak. It's all over gorgeous. The story itself is a little predictable, we figured out what was happening barely thirty minutes in, but it's still a decent film with wonderful practices in mixed physical and CGI effects and great acting throughout. Also Jim Beaver's in it...and he's cool.

Would I recommend it?
I think it's fairly clear I would, but it won't be for everyone.

Rating: Once again a high 8.5 to 9/10

Ant Man - It's alright, honestly not the best Marvel film created (that I've seen...which isn't many), there's plenty of action to it but there were plenty of parts the fell flat. The humour was kind of...meh...and just missed the point sometimes, I guess I'm biased because I miss the over cheesiness that the first Thor film offered, whereas the jokes in Ant Man feel more like when a little kid is trying to tell you a joke.
You know what's going to happen and you smile politely, waiting for them to finish, but you're already finding it unfunny before it's over.

Would I recommend it?
Kind of, I's part of the Marvel universe, but I wouldn't say to go out of your way to see it.

Rating: 6/10

And that's it!
That's the collection of movies I've seen over the last week, until Wednesday for my next Supernatural book review!

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Hell Reviews - Supernatural: Rite of Passage

Synopsis: As young children, Sam and Dean lost their mother to a mysterious supernatural force. In the years that followed, their father taught them about the paranormal evil that exists in the dark corners of America, and taught them how to kill it. As adults, after their father s demonic death, they eventually discovered that they were descended from a long line of hunters and now continue their mission. Laurel Hill, New Jersey, is beginning to look like one of the unluckiest places on Earth when a succession of mishaps, outbreaks and disasters hit the town. But Sam and Dean Winchester suspect that the events are more than just bad luck and decide to investigate. Along with Bobby Singer, the brothers question witnesses and check accident scenes and soon realize that a powerful Japanese demon is encouraging the chaos. But the demon has bigger plans than just spreading disorder and carnage, and Sam and Dean are going to need to make their own luck to stop the impending catastrophe. A Supernatural novel that reveals a previously unseen adventure for the Winchester brothers, from the hit TV series!

Once again John did good.
This is yet another enjoyable novel by someone who is fast becoming my favourite author of the Supernatural novel series.
Yet again, the brothers in the hands of this author shine through and feel like the ones we'd been acquainted to for about six years at the point this book had been published.

The case is one that really pulls you in, from start to go I found myself interested and wanting more. Unlike other novels where I felt like I'd been reading for years rather than a few hours.
I think it seems fair to say that this particular storyline would fascinate me however, it involves a Japanese demon and if there's one thing Hell loves, it's Japanese mythology and demons.

As I'd expect with John's novels after the last one, Sam and Dean were pretty on point in comparison to their TV series counterparts.
Once again the bond was there, the playful little quips at each other and the typical Winchester co-dependence, only this time they were accompanied by an old friend who wasn't just a throw in, once off character for the sake of plot.
It was nice to see Bobby along for the ride too, as far as I'm concerned we don't see enough of him.
I admit that I am a Bobby fan, if they made a spin off with Bobby and Rufus, I'd watch the hell out of that! I'd rather have that than the Wayward Daughters crap most seem to want. (This may be mostly because I find Claire insufferable.)
I understand personal preference, but the Bobby and Rufus duo is beyond one of my favourites.
To read about him interacting with the boys really made this novel all the more better, not perfect by a long shot, but it added a lot more to the story than you perhaps my realise.

Part of the books focus is also about Sam coping with the break in the wall that's keeping him walking.
Seeing Sam struggle to keep grips on reality and tell what is and what isn't fictional was interesting, yet it also didn't take over the whole storyline which is the kind of focus you want on something like that.
As with the series I felt pretty bad for him, it seems like a terrible thing to have to live with.

Overall, it was pretty damn enjoyable, one of the better novels in the series and worth a read.
I look forward to checking out his next one.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Hell Reviews - Supernatural: Night Terror

Synopsis: Alerted to strange happenings in Clayton Falls, Colorado, Bobby sends the boys to check it out. A speeding car with no driver, a homeless man pursued by a massive Gila monster, a little boy chased by uprooted trees it all sounds like the stuff of nightmares. The boys fight to survive a series of terrifying night times, realizing that sometimes the nightmares don't go away even when you're awake...
(Synopsis has been corrected...there were a few grammar mistakes on Amazon.)

Oh, John.
Darling John Passarella.
When it comes to the Supernatural are quickly becoming one of my favourite authors along with Keith R.A.Decandido.
With your grammar also being a vast improvement on some of the previous novels too, the three that shall not be mentioned against, you are like an angel brought down from book heaven to bestow upon us this wonderful novel.
I guess what I'm trying to say is:

We're cool man.
This novel, along with Rite of Passage, is one of the best novels in this series.
This is the same author who has just brought out the latest book (as of writing this) Cold Fire, which I am yet to read. Coming this month is another book in the series by Tim Waggoner who is also great at writing Supernatural books and he's writing Mythmaker, but more about him next week.
For now it's about John Passarella and his nightmare fuel.
So lets begin!

Straight off the bat I can say that the brother's are back together in this one!
Winchester hugs for all!

With Soulless Sam out of the picture the Winchester bond is back in business and John is yet another author who catches their relationship perfectly.
There's not much more to say on that, Sam and Dean are back on track and it makes for some great reading in Passarella's capable hands.
Thankfully in this book there aren't any other primary characters that take attention away from the pinnacle twosome that you're there for and boy does that make a difference.
The story doesn't feel over packed and weak because it's just the boys on another case.
We don't have to sit through the ridiculously played out introductions of characters who will never appear again and have them take up more time that ultimately ends up being wasted.
Can't say the same about characters overstaying their welcome in the show, but I digress.

The case is one that  I thoroughly enjoyed and knew I would straight from the get go. I admit that I was slightly hesitant when I found out another one was coming out, after the last three travesties I was worried what this novel would bring.
The synopsis did give me more hope and the fact it was a completely different author sold me on the idea.
I love things about nightmares becoming a reality, it's one of those subjects where someone could tell me a movie involving it is horrible and I'll still want to watch it.
I guess I like delving into the psyche of people and find out their inner workings, I suppose it appeases the part of me that's more 'stalk and mentally torment your victims'.
And boy, are some of these nightmares understandable, especially the spiders.
Man, I freakin' hate spiders.
Having common yet understandable nightmares coming to life definitely helped you feel for the characters, something many of the past cases and kind of struggled to do.
You know as a fellow human being that you should feel compassion for these people and yet half the time I just never really cared, but the thought of someone struggling with a massive spider sent a cold shiver down my spine.
I'm bad enough with small spiders that are barely the size of my fingertip, let alone one the size of a car.

Now whilst I enjoyed the whole nightmare aspect, I do wish we had spent more time on Sam and Dean's fears.
Bit of a spoiler here.
But you seem one of them face off against the nightmare ejected Soulless Sam and it just didn't last long enough for my personal preference, it was only about a page and a half long and I think it would have been wonderful if that had been explored a little longer or even been a main part of the story honestly.
I mean with Sam being fragile as it is and having to be careful of the wall and all that literal hell, it'd have been interesting to see how he and Dean would react to odd goings on involving the younger Winchester, but I guess you have to be careful with the original show storyline.

Other than I have no complaints.
It's a great novel that was enjoyable to read and had I not had to keep pausing between reads I'd have shot through it within a few hours, there were some nights where I was meant to be sleeping for work the next day and was instead led in bed reading by torchlight.
I'd blame this book for my terrible sleeping pattern, but I know that started a while before it.
Overall, it's a solid book and definitely worth a read for any fan of Supernatural.

Also, there's my original review again!

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Hell Reviews - Supernatural: Coyote's Kiss.

Synopsis: A truck full of illegal Mexican immigrants slaughtered with supernatural force is found by the side of a road. Trying to find answers, Sam and Dean are plunged into the dangerous world that exists along the Mexican border. They encounter a tattooed, pistol-packing bandita on a motorcycle who seems be everywhere they go before they get there. Xochi Cazadora draws them into a whole new world of monsters…

Right...well right off the bat I can tell you that Coyote's Kiss is a vast improvement to One Year Gone, sadly that isn't much of a positive as that isn't exactly a tough challenge.
I have read fanfiction better than One Year Gone.
However, does that mean Coyote's Kiss is a masterpiece?
Heck no, this is a Supernatural novel.
Supernatural being the cheesy horror show it is already kind of strikes out the novels being masterpieces, but they can be enjoyable.
Coyote's Kiss reaches about the middle level of entertainment for me.
It was alright, but definitely needed some sanding down.

Now the case itself was pretty damn enjoyable, I liked the different kind of setting it offered and I do love the different monsters they bring into the novels.
I wouldn't say this novel has a stand out case compared to some of the other books, but it's an enjoyable one for the duration that you're reading, which is more than I could say for the last two.
One thing I did note is that once again, it's a Dean based book.
I know Sam isn't one of those characters that everyone loves, I'm surprised actually by how many people claim to actually dislike him. Naturally I may be shocked as I'm a Sam-girl myself, I didn't know he was 'that' disliked, there's a surprising amount of negativity towards that particular character.
Some people have legitimate reasons for not liking him, such as he's too whiney and broody.
Others dislike him purely because he gets in the way of their Destiel ship.
But either way it all surprised me a bit.
Yes, Sam can be an unbearable prick at times (looking at you season 4 Sam) but most characters have redeemable factors, not saying he has to be your favourite character ever, but still....these latest authors seem to like Dean to a point where Sam is just in the background.
When you're a fan like I am, then I'd like to read about both of them. Sure I prefer Sam, but I enjoy Dean too and it seems a little unfair that one brother gets more attention than the other.
In episodes it's understandable, but even in the monster of the week episodes there's an equal amount of each Winchester.
This also would have been a chance to delve further into the soulless Sam story, but that was a severely wasted opportunity.

One of the problems is that, whilst the case is a good one, the focus isn't so much on the case as it is on this new character they introduced in the book.
Yes, here we go again with Hell disliking a female character, but I have my reasons.
I for one am not someone who likes characters that are so 'bad ass' that it comes across as obnoxiousness. In my opinion, this is something that blonde Ruby had that made me dislike her, and this new female hunter Xochi has it in the bucket full.
She's not only bad-ass and has a motorbike, but she's also fiercely independent and can do the point where she's essentially a terrible Mary-Sue that bores you to death and makes you eyeroll at every turn.
I don't like it when characters are brought in that overshadow Sam and Dean, I know there will be people out there better than them just as there would be worse than them, but when this new character takes up 90% of the story then it's far too excessive.
If you wanted to write about that specific character then write them in an original novel.
Don't throw this out and then slap the Supernatural name on it, knowing fans will pick it up.
The problem with that is, whilst it'd be a clever move, you will have people who dislike it severely as they came for the brothers, not your original character.

Another thing is that once again, Dean is pushed into the 'love interest' category to the point where it's groan worthy.
Why is it that when a female character is introduced they seem to have to have something with one of the brothers?
Shockingly, that doesn't always happen, but I can bet you if it's Dean based and there's a lead female character....he'll probably be paired off with her.
Then you get moments like when they both have to share motorbikes with two girls, one is too young to be a 'threat' here who rides with Sam and Dean gets to ride with our new, bad ass favourite hunter. I'm sure you can guess that it gets awkward, what with him being male, riding behind a female on a rather shaky bike.
I'm sure I don't need to delve further.
What did this add to the story?
Nothing but an eye roll and a weary sigh.
I am one of these people that dislikes romance as a general form, I'll try to avoid watching things involving romance, I don't read romance novels, but I know it's unavoidable at certain times.
But bugger me does this seem so forced and it makes me cringe.
I am reading this novel for Sam and Dean, not for Xochi and Dean and Sam who occasionally gets a mention.
Don't get me wrong, I can take romance and love interests...when that character is actually decently written and enjoyable.
Which is horrible for me to say, I don't like accusing characters of being Mary Sues and the term is thrown around too easily, but with Xochi it's so true.
If you got on with the bad ass, Mexican huntress then good for you, but I couldn't stand her.

I guess all in all it's just a little frustrating that so much time is spent on Xochi and Dean, whilst Sam's character was written so weakly like he was just a second thought to their new character.
Dean's relationship with this new hunter would have been fun and refreshing had she not been so 'over powered', so to speak, and taken away from the original hunting plot.
Once again I miss the brotherly bond, but with Sam being soulless still it's to be expected.

Overall it's a good book, but it's a rather meh Supernatural book.
I'll just put it aside and leave it as a one off read.

Monday, 27 June 2016

Hell Reviews - Naruto the Movie: Road to Ninja - There's pictures in this one!

Synopsis: Long ago, a masked shinobi unleashed the Nine-Tailed Fox onto the Village Hidden in the Leaves to spread chaos and destruction. But the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze, and his wife, Kushina Uzumaki, sealed the Tailed Beast into their newborn son Naruto to save the village, foiling the shinobi's plans.
Years later, Naruto and his friends succeed in driving away the infamous Akatsuki, who have mysteriously returned from the dead. Upon returning to the village, the young shinobi are praised by their families for completing a dangerous mission. Reminded of how alone he is, Naruto begins to wonder what it's like to have parents, when a strange masked figure appears before him - the same masked shinobi responsible for the death of his parents!
I know, I know.
Hell...this isn't a horror movie!
I'm fully aware, but shockingly I do also enjoy stuff that isn't just blood and gore and violence...and torture porn...and ghosts....and scary.
You know what I gotta say about that?
This is my review page and I'll do as I like.

Yes, I used to be a big Naruto fan in my college days.
Nine years ago I went through that phase and I lived through it, surviving to tell the tale.
Eventually I ended up giving up, I slowly lost interest in it altogether, I had about two and a half box sets of the genin series and got about one book away before the Shippuden series and I lost interest completely.
By this point it had been going for a good few years, Shippuden was well on its way and I was just very very slow to buy the books as other series took priority and eventually my interest had gone by the time I was part way through reading book 24 so I sold almost all my Naruto stuff to my younger brother who had picked up on his older siblings habits…as they do.

Skip to many years down the line, I still have casual conversations about the series, heck I still do sad little rp’s with my friend on Skype to pass the time and have a laugh, but my interest in the series itself never picked back up, I just never lost my love for some of the characters.

Yes, I was one of those girls that liked…and still like….Sasuke Uchiha, despite how much of an ass he is. I know, I know…but I like dark haired, broody jerks, and I dislike how it ended (it seems to push past fifteen years worth of character development, but that's my opinion) come at me, I have my shuriken ready.

Anyway, to the point, my younger brother (not the one who got my Naruto and Soul Eater stuff, another one) mentioned a certain Naruto part about being in an alternate universe where Sasuke is a total playboy and all that and I am a total stickler for alternate universe stuff.
I absolutely love it.
….But I forgot about that for a while and went on with my life as I do.
Wandering in the darkness by myself to avenge my fallen brother.
I walk a lonely road, the only one that I have ever known…

Sorry…my inner Sasuke took over there.

So skip to about a year ago and this bro was down again and we gotsa talking about it again and having a laugh, he leaves and I’m like; You know what? Maybe I will watch it, this could be fun.
And I do!
Then I watch Rock Lee, Springtime of Youth…hoo boy what a series that one was!
That was the series that made me fall in love with poor Neji, who I thought was too arrogant as a child...I'm glad he grew out of that.
But just look at these! How cute are they?!

But we’re here to review Naruto the Movie: Road to Ninja.

So right off the bat let me say…what the hell is with the cover of the DVD?!
Why is it advertised as such?
I know other covers have more to do with the film in other countries, but I went to the UK Amazon and ‘this’ cover is the one that was the most used.

He is in it for like three scenes for barely two minutes at a time and not even in that outfit!
They have maybe one, very bad ass, scene. This film needs more Tobi!
But He is in it…and that’s okay by me.
Heck, even the damn synopsis is lazy and barely grazes the surface of the mentalness this film is.

On another note, this happens:
Needless to say...I was not prepared.

Now the story itself is alright, it's not the best alternate universe thing I've seen, but there are some things you just can't help but smile over.
I also like the main antagonist, I won't tell you who he is but let me tell you...he's pretty cool.
It's a good, cohesive story that doesn't really affect the main canon of the rest of the series, it's a filler movie essentially.
But when you're in the Naruto fandom you kind of expect filler and lots of it.
This is enjoyable filler though, despite being out of the fandom for a good few years I still found myself enjoying it and laughing at the inside jokes and the character differences.

The characters alternate selves are quite a laugh, I mean what's better than a dog hating Kiba and a bug hating Shino?
Let me tell you....very few things when it comes to Naruto...outside of Naruto? A fair bit to be honest.
It was nice to see Hinata with more confidence too, because bugger me does usually timid Hinata bug the hell out of me!

The main focus of this story is on Naruto and Sakura, and let me say off the bat...I didn't think Sakura could get more bloody annoying.
There's a scene before the alternate reality takes place where Sakura and Naruto are moping on a swing set, Naruto because he doesn't have parents to recommend his boost in position like the other teens are getting due to a mission and gone great....and Sakura because her parents are bloody sensible and don't think she's ready enough.
So what does she do?
Accept that maybe her parents are right and that she isn't ready for such a step?
Oh no, she shit talks her parents to the boy who is down because he hasn't got any.
Now, I know teenagers are selfish little buggers, but even the most obnoxious person wouldn't shit talk like that to a supposed friend who has been an orphan and at one point described as 'unwanted'.
That particular scene rubbed me the wrong way and soured me more to her character, and I have never been a fan of Sakura.
Don't get me wrong, Naruto gets under my skin too.
I don't get on well with characters who are too excited and yelly and gleeful....this may be due to my 'emotionless' and 'heartless' disposition, but I just don't get on well with them.
So that was my indication of just how shitty it was for her to do that, when you make me feel bad for Naruto then you know you've messed up. (Yes...I did almost write 'dun goofed' then.)
Of course by the end she learns to appreciate her parents and accept that she has it good, but with her entire attitude throughout the whole film it's too little, too late by that point.
Though there is a scene where alternate world Hinata pretty much tells her straight how shitty she is, and it is such a glorious scene.

It was sweet to see Naruto spending time with his parents, Minato is as kick ass as ever.
I never thought I'd miss a character I was never properly introduced to, as I'd stopped reading by that point, but I did!
Minato...come back!
Otherwise I found Naruto's scenes rather blah, and the constant parallels between him and his dad did my nut in. I personally don't like it when media does this 'parallel characters with others' thing, but it's a cliché and a trope and you kind of have to get used to it.

As mentioned before, the Akatsuki are in it for a short amount of time, once at the beginning of the film and then again later on...fighting for the good side?
Weird, I know, but kinda funny.

Over all, it's an alright filler film to waste time with when you have some spare.
Would it get me back into the series?
No, not at all...I'm afraid I'm too far gone for that, but it was good for some light entertainment.
Would I watch it again?
Probably not, no.
But thanks for keeping me momentarily pleased.