Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Hell Reviews - Supernatural: Fresh Meat

Synopsis: A rash of strange deaths in the Tahoe National Forest bring Sam, Dean and Bobby to the Sierra Nevada mountains to hunt a monster with a taste for human flesh. Soon walking corpses, bodies with missing organs, and attacks by a mysterious flying creature lead the trio to a cunning and deadly foe which can assume a human form and will do anything to survive.

Woo! I bought the latest Supernatural book, Mythmaker, today! I still haven't started reading Cold Fire yet, but it's up there on my list to do and once I've read that and Mythmaker I will be reviewing them, but for now on with the show!

Wow...kudos to Alice Henderson.
This is the third book in a row that has proven to be bloody great.
I zoomed through this book like there was no tomorrow and it got me really pumped to read the next in the series (too bad it wasn't out at the time).

Once again the brothers were pretty much on point and all the interactions between them and the other characters were as you'd expect in the show.
I can't find much to fault in this on honestly, Sam and Dean seemed to share about as much story time as one another, even when they were split up and that was honestly a pleasant change considering some of the novels previous to this one.

The case is very reminiscent of the wendigo case from season one and I, personally, thought it was a riot and a total game changer.
There were instances where you thought something was happening and it took a different turn.
Each chapter was filled with enough information to keep you fascinated in the case and mythology, without becoming too much and bogging you down with more notes than action and that is an important balance to get in a Supernatural novel.
Each segment didn't drag on when Sam and Dean were briefly split up and that was such a pleasant change of pace that it felt almost refreshing in a way.

I know this isn't a long review but there isn't much to say when I don't have anything to complain about.
Alice did a fantastic job with this novel and I, for one, hope that she is the author of a future novel in this particular series.

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